Prospective Residents

Download an Application

Click here to download a rental application OR apply online.


Application Process

  1. Everyone over the age of 18 who will be residing in the rental will need to fill out and complete an application.
  2. We will need your last TWO paystubs as proof of income. 
  3. If applicant is a student, a co-signer must be secured. The co-signer must submit a completed co-signer application.
  4. We will need a $40 application fee PER APPLICANT to be able to process the applications
  5. We will run and review your credit and criminal background
  6. We will verify employment and rental history
  7. We will call you with the decision. This process typically takes up to 2 business days


My Move-In Check List

  1. Once you've been approved, you will need to submit your deposit in the form of MONEY ORDER OR CASHIERS CHECK, typically one month's rent or otherwise stated, and come to sign your lease, dated for your specific move in date. Doing these two things will take your apartment off the market.
  2. After you've signed the lease, please switch all applicable utilities to your name and have them start on your move in date. We will take utilties out of our name on your move in date so it is imperative that you turn them on in your name. Once you've switched them over, please let the Property Manager know your account number so that she can put it in your file.
  3. You will need to make sure you have renter's insurance  before your move-in date. Your renter's insurance policy is to include liability coverage with a minimum limit of $500,000. This is generally no more than $10 a month. Ned M. Bass needs to be listed as additionally insured on the renter's insurance policy. Once you have set up your renter's insurance policy, please send over your declarations page (first page of policy) so that the Property Manager can add it to your file.
  4. The last step before you get your keys is scheduling a time to do your move-in inspection! Call the office and schedule an appointment for you and the Property Manager to walk-through the apartment and make sure everything is good to go! Please note that you must have renter's insurance and utitlies in your name before we can schedule this move-in inspection.